About Methodos


Methodos watches are developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the cradle of excellent watchmaking since the beginning of time measurement. Combining first-class watch technology with classic and timeless design, Methodos offers great accuracy and reliability at competitive prices. We currently offer four models: two different chronographs, an automatic diver and a lovely Ladies’ watch. Methodos is available online and at our official dealers. Prices start at a most friendly €299,-.
Methodos Time Company is dedicated to the development, sales, distribution and after-sales of Methodos watches.

The Methodos story

The time had come…
In 2018, after years of pondering, two entrepreneurs and passionate collectors decided to put their words into action and established a new watch brand, created around their five personal key requirements for effortless long-term daily use.

As it accompanies you during work, sports, holidays, and everyday city life, a watch should be accurate, reliable, wearable, blessed with a timeless design, and of course, affordable. Our creators nonetheless never happened to find a timepiece combining these qualities – not in their delicate collection pieces nor in the uninspiring watches in the lower and mid ranges or even in the pricy upper echelons of the market.

The Methodos brand was conceived following its founders’ requirements, consequently catering to likeminded buyers: serious, ambitious, down to earth, open minded, born with a classic taste and quality driven. Whereas, in general, not every customer can be satisfied, with such demanding buyers in mind, we have created a perfect watch for anyone else as well.

2018: the birth of a brand

Our move
While conceptualizing our ideas, ranging from conservative to outrageous, by August, the first tentative sketches started to emerge and gradually evolved into concrete plans. But what about harsh reality; what about our chances? Were people actually looking for a watch, created to fulfill our specific demands? We had assumed, but did we really know? After careful analysis of the watch industry and market we confidently made our move.

Where else?
Initially, we had a global perspective, but soon discovered that the only way to ensure indisputable quality was through development and production in Switzerland. In December we came into contact with our ultimate manufacturer, close to the Swiss capital Bern: a watch factory sharing our values, a producer we can rely on.

Swiss made

The Fine Art of Watchmaking
As a hallmark of quality, ‘Swiss Made’ needs no introduction. Switzerland has long been celebrated for its excellent watches, boasting a rich heritage that spans centuries. Through cutting-edge innovation, employing the finest materials and unwavering attention to detail, the Swiss have always achieved unparalleled levels of finishing, making their timepieces truly exceptional.
Originated in Germany in the early 1500s, the art of watchmaking developed further in Britain and France, only to grow to full maturity in Switzerland. Combining their long tradition of jewelry making with groundbreaking advancements in movement technology and production methods, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Swiss were able to produce timepieces of exceptional quality on a large scale. Meanwhile, the art of watchmaking had become a pivotal industry in the alpine country, establishing it as the preeminent region for exceptional timepieces. Famous brands such as Longines, Patek Philippe, IWC, and Omega emerged as leaders.
Swiss prominence continued to expand throughout the 20th and into the 21st century, solidifying Switzerland as the forefront of the watchmaking industry.

What’s in a name?

Methodical, method, Methodos…
The methodical way the Swiss have developed watchmaking, in both quality and quantity, has inspired us. Our brand name expresses our ambition.
Method. A systematic manner of thought and action in which we accomplish our ends. Methodos, a watch, an indispensable device for precise timekeeping, a companion for men and women who have set personal goals in life. And for anyone else…

Personal goals, whether they relate to health, sports, education, career, or one of your true passions. You work with a plan, leading to success. Good methods need reliable tools and accurate instruments.

Your Swiss companion.

2019: getting started

The first models
In early 2019, having found the perfect production partner in Switzerland, we were ready to develop the first Methodos models. “Universal and practical watches, that is what we need.” We decided to launch two distinct chronographs: an elegant timepiece in 42 mm and a pragmatic tool watch in 43 mm, both fitted with the renowned Ronda Startech 5040.D quartz movement.

Now, how to reach our buyers? Should we distribute through official dealers or sell online-only? Or better combined? Of course. Apart from the Methodos website and our Instagram channel, in the course of 2019, we formed a dedicated group of five professional jewelers, based in cities throughout The Netherlands.
Making it official: later that year, we applied for official EU brand registration. With success; Methodos is a registered trade mark.

2020: challenges…

Professional Chronograph
Following a sun-drenched photo shoot in the Canary Islands in February, we proudly presented the sturdy 43 mm Methodos Professional Chronograph, our very first.

During the 2020 pandemic, our partnered jewelers were severely hindered by the ensuing lockdowns. Consequently, as a brand, we had to resort to online-only distribution for nearly two years. To make matters worse, an official objection to the Methodos name was lodged… Fortunately, our competent lawyer solved this matter swiftly and decisively.
Classic Chronograph
Despite these challenges, we introduced the elegant 42 mm Methodos Classic Chronograph in June.

2021: heading south

A fancy flagship
We had been considering an impressive flagship model for a while. After exploring various market segments and taking advice from existing customers, we knew what kind of watch would complete the Methodos range: a luxurious automatic divers’ watch, water resistant up to great depths and fitted with a strong sapphire crystal.

South Shore
In the summer of 2021, we launched the voluptuous 43 mm South Shore Automatic 200M, our third model. Extravagant, but not flashy. Classic, like the other Methodos models, but even more self-confident; proudly showing its powerful engine through the transparent case back.

2022: Lady Pearl

From its introduction, two years earlier, the Classic Chronograph had been destined as a sporty watch for both men and women. However, with 42 mm it still is ‘a lot of watch’, and some ladies happen to prefer a smaller size, a more delicate, ladylike shape and vibrant colours.

Lady Pearl
With that in mind, in April 2022, we introduced our fourth model, the lovely and sophisticated Lady Pearl. With its 34 mm diameter, rose gold plated bezel and dazzling mother-of-pearl dial, it is a true ladies’ watch. Meanwhile, desired by many, it has become one of our true bestsellers.

2023 and beyond…

Small, but fierce
Being a small and independent watch brand in a global market, we try to stay aligned with the latest advancements in the industry. Methodos moves on by consistently developing interesting new models for various purposes, welcoming new cooperations and sponsorships, and meeting new dealers in varying industries. 

Will there be an automatic dress watch? A new 300M diver? Or Methodos fashion? Stay tuned; you will hear from us!